WebCHR help


WebCHR is a web application that gives you the chance to run CHR and Prolog programs online using Sicstus Prolog 4.
You find more information about CHR on the Constraint Handling Rules website.
You can select from a collection of CHR demo programs, and let WebCHR answer your queries.
For easy usage you can try some sample queries, and you get short info about the demo program.
You can either edit query and program, or start a new program from scratch.


With WebCHR you can try CHR and Prolog programs online.
On the left you see a list of demo programs that are sorted by category. By clicking you can load the program.
On the right you see the current program and a console box. If you click on the top link you can switch between showing the CHR code in the top box or a short summary.
The bottom box is the console where you can enter a query after the | ?- prompt or you select a predefined query from the dropdown box and edit it.
You send the query to the server with CTRL-ENTER or the Submit button.
On the server the program is always compiled before executing a query, so you can change the program in the code box, this takes effect with the next query.
After a short time the answer from the server is added to the console. yes or no shows whether the query could be satisfied. An error is indicated by ! at the beginning of the line.
The Clear console button clears the console.
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(c) Copyrights by Martin Kaeser, Uni Ulm, 2007
Contact: Martin.Kaeser at uni-ulm.de, Thom.Fruehwirth at uni-ulm.de