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sudoku.pl : Sudoku solver
This program solves Sudoku problems with an algorithm based on the heuristics try-most-constrained-field-first (first failure).

How to use:
The board is considered as a 4-dimensional cube with dimensions {a,b,c} x {a,b,c} x {1,2,3} x {1,2,3} where the letters identify a "big square", each of which has 3x3 atomic squares identified by a pair of numbers. For example, the upper left atomic square is identified as (a,a,1,1).
Fields with a determined value are identified by the constraint cell(A,B,C,D,V) with the coordinates A,B,C and D and value V.
To change the riddle you adjust the predicate init_data.
You get the first solution with solve, all solutions with solveall.

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