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rsa.pl : This Program implements the RSA Encryption Algorithm.
This Program implements the RSA Encryption Algorithm. It calculates the private and public keys, encrypt numbers and letters and decrypt an encoded string back to ASCII values.

How to use:
For calculating the public and private Keys you have to give:
Two prime numbers X and Y in the form: prime(X,Y)
A coprime number to the product (X-1)(Y-1) in the form: possibleCoprime(X,Y)
To encrypt you need to know the two public keys X and Y and a String S in the form abcd or a list of numbers of the for[N1,N2,N3]: puK1(X), puK2(Y),plainText(S).
For Decoding you have to know the second private Key Z and the public Key X, and L, a list of numbers: prK2(Z), puK1(X), encText(L).

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